Why We are Different

Aptus Management is a cross-cultural team composed of expats and Filipinos utilising proven quality-centric processes and methodologies that ensures successful service delivery. Aptus is proud to have passionate leaders committed to what Aptus stands for.

Through the years, the major contributors of this organization gained experience in various aspects of a BPO business setting as they climb the corporate ladder of big corporate Fortune 500 Outsourcing Service Providers.

Why Choose Us

Aptus continually adapts and adjusts to the ever changing market, constantly expanding horizons and keeping up to date with new technologies. We tailor fit out solutions to you with no minimal requirements. We believe in growing with our clients, taking tasks off your plate so you may focus on your core business and hone your strengths to help business boom.

What You Get

With Aptus you can expect quality service, based on your requirements. Transparency, you will have complete access to all info. Innovation, we continuously endeavour to seek improvement on all that we do.  

Contact Us Now

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. Our management team is mroe than happy to be of service. Feel free to click here to get in touch.  

Meet The Team

ramon shintaro valdes

Ramon "Shintaro" Valdes

President and CFO

annette gozon

Atty. Anna Teresa "Annette" Gozon

CEO and Chairman

Ben Juson

Ben Juson

Managing Director

Joe Mojica

Jose Rafael "Joe" Mojica III

Managing Director

Jing Lim

Emilia "Jing" Lim

Admin & HR Department Head

Nino De Leon

Nino De Leon

IT & MIS Department Head

Allan Ross

Allan Ross Alvarez

Business Development & Corporate Partnerships Manager


Martha Luisa Caicdoy

Senior Service Delivery Manager

Fidel Fids Payawal Jr

Fidel "Fids" Payawal Jr.

Service Delivery Manager

Miguel Miggy Apolinar Alvarez

Miguel "Miggy" Apolinar Alvarez

Service Delivery Manager

Ken Olivetti

Daiken "Ken" Olivetti, CPA

Finance & Accounts Head

Eugene Noriel Mendoza

Eugene Noriel Mendoza

Business Development Manager / Consultant


We love to hear from you and let's start exploring outsourcing model for your business.

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