About A78

Outsourcing your business functions does not only free you from the unnecessary burden of talent acquisition, training and staff management. More importantly, outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business. Living up to the Company name's definition, Aptus strives to tailor fit outsourcing solutions designed to suit the business requirements across various industries globally.

A78 was originally designed to provide outsourcing services to small-medium sized business requirements that is comparable in terms of service quality versus an outsourcing service designed for large scale operations. Although it was originally intended for such, A78 Solutions can also handle large scale outsouring operations whether its a business process outsourcing involving voice-focused call center operations, non-voice contact center operations, virtual assistant, IT development, Web development, bookkeeping, chat support, email support, transcription, system development, app development, software development, data entry, research, analytics, accounting, knowledge-centric processes, etc.



Any aspect of your business that deals directly with your customers is a very critical component of your business. You need to be assured that there is always a staff ready to answer the calls, email or chat when one of your customers have any concern. Focus on your core business and let our competent staff handle your various front office needs.



Back office management can be both tedious and time consuming, but is necessary for effective day to day operations. Make more the more cost-effective decision to outsource the mundane, repetitive daily tasks and let our competent staff handle your various back office functions.



Some aspect of your business operations may require a specific skill to perform the task at hand. A78's Knowledge Process Solutions was designed to handle your business needs that require highly skilled and qualified staff with while you focus on your core business.

Below are just some of the tasks outsourced to Aptus from various parts of the globe

Front Office


 Contact / Call Center
 Customer Service
 Technical Support / Helpdesk
 Sales Inquiries
 Research / Survey
 Booking & Cancellations
 Virtual Assistant
 Order Taking and Processing
 And more!

Back Office


 Data Entry
 Data Analysis and Reports Generation
 Technical Provisioning
 Database Management & Record Keeping
 Loan & Mortgage Processing
 Clerical and Administrative
 And more!

Knowledge Process Solutions


 Accounting / Bookkeeping
 Network Operations & Management
 Web / System/ Software / Mobile App Development
 Digital Marketing
 Research and Development
 Financial Analysis, Planning, Modelling
 Creative, Design, Writing
 And more!

What our clients say about us

"It is my company's first time to outsource and Aptus's approach made things easy and simple. We got my outsourced operations up and running in no time and I have been with them for more than a year since then. Definitely recommending Aptus to anyone who is a first timer in outsourcing."

- M. Richter, CEO, NY USA

"I've always thought that outsourcing is only good for call center needs. With Aptus, they have opened doors to new possibilities that we've never known before. I've had our website and various online systems outsourced to Aptus and it was worth it! Aptus has always amazed me at how they take business process outsourcing to another level with new innovations and just simply coming up with ideas on how thinsg can be done on their end which allowed me to use more of my time to focus and grow my business even further."

- Matt, Principal, UK

"I am delighted to say that I am working with Aptus for over a year now after having some experiences with similar companies. The production team in Aptus has a lot of knowledge, the production time is fast. The quality is good and most importantly, the commitment of Aptus to keep identifying areas that needs improvement and apply a solution together."

- R. Jansen, Operations Manager, Australia


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