Service Delivery Models

Aptus can deploy the following service delivery models and should below be inappropriate we are open to tailor fit a service delivery model that would suit your business needs.

Joint Managed

 We provide and manage the infrastructure, human resources management, payroll, office space, equipment, and other variables that may not be directly related to operations.

 You have full supervision over the staff's performance, with employees reporting directly to you. This way, we function similarly to an extension of your office with the staff accountable to you.

 This service delivery model provides you full control on the operations and how the work is done.

Full Managed

 In addition to what is provided under the Joint Management service delivery model, Aptus also assumes full responsibility for employee performance and the accounts' achievement of pre-established Key Performance Indicator targets.

 Aptus will designated a designated Account Manager to oversee operations and both individual and account-wide performance of the project.

 The Account Manager will report on campaign performance and developments to you on a periodic basis, through correspondence, calls or business reviews, either daily, weekly or monthly.


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